I am an early career insect ecologist with a particular interest in community-level questions. Thus far, I have pursued projects that allow me to blend field, analytical, and modeling approaches to ask and answer multi-taxon questions. I began a PhD in Entomology in Fall 2019 to allow me to continue focusing on community ecology/entomology projects in agricultural settings.

While I love scientific research, I am also extremely passionate about undergraduate education. As I pursued first my MS and subsequently my PhD, I prioritized growth as an educator by seeking out pedagogy courses, workshops, and presentations. My dream is to one day become a faculty member at an undergraduate-focused institution where I can primarily focus on lifting up the next generation of scientists and scholars.

In addition to the research and teaching, communicating scientific results is also something I love and hope to continue to focus on as my career develops. In April of 2018 I had the opportunity to record an episode of the podcast Science in Progress (created by the Ecological Society of America’s Student Section), give it a listen if you have a few minutes!

Nicholas.Lyon1@uga.edu – 460 Biological Sciences – University of Georgia

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Summer 2018 in the Grand River Grassland (Ringgold Co., IA)